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Book Binding Projects Both Large And Small

In order to do a job really well, you have to become a virtual expert in your field. For some, this may sound like it involves hours of tedious research and studying, but not if you love what you do! Many professionals in the field of book binding do what they do because they love books, old and new.

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There really is nothing like a new book, the clean, crisp smell of the perfectly lined up pages, the feeling you get when you open the cover, knowing that you'll be the first to read it. That is precisely why, in this world of computers and technology, bookstores are still bustling with customers.

Professionals in the book binding business don't just love new books, many have an even deeper appreciation for old books. At Scribe bookbinding, they make it their business to understand variations in the book making process through the years. This way, they are well equipped to handle whatever you may need repaired.

Some antique books were put together with a single fold page, that was hand sewn, this was before adhesives or sewing machines were used in book making. All of the materials used are of top quality, from the cloth, to the leather and unbleached cotton thread and acid free papers, to ensure that the finished product will not only stand the test of time, but will look beautiful, too.

Using these patient techniques, companies like Tibbles bookbinding specialize in the restoration of Bibles. With unique touches like gold trim applied to the edges of the pages, to the hubs added to the spine, a once fragile family heirloom is lovingly restored to its original beauty, and can now be enjoyed for generations to come.

Stoops Book binders, also does outstanding restoration work. This company has been a well-known manufacturer of items widely used by Jehovah's Witnesses, providing quality study guides as well as rebound Bibles.

Whether your job is large or small, it is likely that with a little research, you will find fine craftsmen, like those behind these great companies, to take your project from start to finish with the utmost care.


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Book Binding Tape

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Book Binding Kinko's Binding Book Making Ideas Gbc Binding Combs Don Tibbles Bookbinding Book Binding Procedures C And H Bookbinding Baldwin's Book Barn Make Your Own Comic Book Book Binding Supplies